Adopt your next dog, cat, puppy or kitten from your local animal shelter.

Pet stores receive their animals from a variety of places, and those adorable puppies and cute kittens in the window might come from an abusive puppy or kitten mill where these animals endure horrible conditions to produce animals for the pet trade. The sale of these animals in general promotes the continued existence of exploitative breeders who do not view puppies and kittens as living beings, just cash in their pockets. By turning away from companion animals offered for sale in pet stores and choosing to adopt from a shelter, you will be making a statement. The adoption fee you pay to a shelter goes toward the operation and care for the animals there. That fee will also be a lot lower than buying an animal from a pet store or breeder.

You'll Save A Life....

Even if your local shelter is no-kill, which is great, consider an extra donation to help them with the day in and day out expenses and costs. Adopting shelter animals gets them out of the shelter system and into their forever home, reduces the strain on shelters, and frees up space for more homeless animals. No-kill shelters often rescue from facilities that euthanize, so by adopting from them, you’re opening up another slot for a dog or cat that would otherwise be on death row. If you live in an area where there is a kill shelter or where animal control adopts out animals, please consider looking there first for a new pet. Some organizations maintain "kill lists" published by shelters, which lists animals slated for euthanasia within the next few days. You just might find your new companion on such a list. Shelter pets just want someone to love them and they will return that love over and over again. Adopting a shelter dog or cat is saving a life, a living being, and the feeling you get from that is priceless.
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